Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hello My Name Is

Hey y'all! My name is Anna Claire Bradshaw, and I am a senior Public Relations student at the University of Tennessee. Originally, I am from a small town on the banks of the mighty Mississippi known as Dyersburg, TN. I was born and raised a Volunteer so it seemed only natural that after high school graduation I head for good ole Rocky Top. I am a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority where I have served as the Bid Day and Carnicus chairs for the past two years. Also in my time at UT, I have been a part of the Volunteer Team. This a group of undergraduate students who give campus and facility tours to potential student athletes, in particular football players.

During my time at UT, I have discovered my passion for working with people through my work in the Public Relations undergraduate program. I will officially graduate in May with my Bachelor of Science in Communication with the future still yet to be determined. Through working with the Volunteer Team, my dream career is to work in collegiate recruiting of potential student athletes. I would particularly love to work in the Southeastern Conference so I can stay under the Mason Dixon Line. If not for athletics, my other career aspiration is to work in event planning. I have always had a knack for planning events, organization, decorating, etc. I like to consider myself as having a creative mind so I would like to bring my abilities to the public relations world.

I am your typical 22-year old girl, engaged in every form of social media and checking them countless times throughout the day. Embarrassingly enough, I check my social media outlets even before the first cup of coffee is brewed. While I like to consider myself profficient in the social media world, one of my main goals for this course is to learn how to create a professional side of my social media use. Also, I would also like to learn how companies use to social media to their benefit in the hopes that it will benefit me in being able to apply these skills in the work world.

As far as my history with the blogging form of social media, I had a blog back in high school where I posted randomly about music, movies and other high school problems. I am going to enjoy this assignment of blogging weekly because it will help me further develop my writing skills, creativity and Internet professionalism. My main long term goal for this blog is to use it to my advantage in showing future employees of my various skills and personality.I hope to continue blogging after graduation, but only time will tell.