Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cap Craziness

As graduation is fast approaching (ohh in 23 days), and one tradition I plan to take full advantage of is decorating my graduation cap. Not only do people decorate their caps so their family can find them in the see of grads but to also throw a little bit of a personal touch on the clothing you worked so hard to earn the past 4 years. Monograms, degree names, "Hire Me" caps will fill the crowd as we walk into Thompson-Boling on that exciting day. So in the spirit of graduation season, here are some ideas for designing your truly unique cap:

Use an insprirational quote or phrase has helped you get through the last four years.

Thank the people who not only gave you life but gave you the money 
to not only get a college degree but have the best 4 years of your life.

Pay tribute to your new alma mater that 
will always be your "home sweet home"

Let the world know what sorority you were a part of,
like everyone that follows you on social media doesn't know already.

The ultimate girl combination: monogram,
pearls, sorority letters & Lilly Pulitzer OH MY!

So whether you use your initials, superhero logo, tribal print, favorite team, sequins, or "I just gradiated"....HAPPY CAP DECORATING & HAPPY GRADUATION Y'ALL

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