Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Sinuses Hate Knoxville

Everyone says the weather in Tennessee is just like a woman, it can never make up its mind. Although some women find this comment to be offensive, it's absolutely true! Here is the weather in Knoxville in order from noon Tuesday to 2a.m. Thursday morning:
Noon- 70 degrees & sunny
8p.m.- 55 degrees
10a.m.- 50 degrees & sunny
1:30p.m.- extreme rain & wind
7:15p.m.- 42 degrees & rain
10p.m.- 30% chance of snow

I feel like I have to wear snow boots, Nike shorts, a rain jacket and a toboggan every time I walk out the door. No matter how often you check your Weather Channel app, the clothes you wear when you leave the house are more than likely not going to be right. We are trapped in a "polar-quator" vortex this spring semester that you never know what to expect from Mother Nature that day. 

Being from just across the state, the majority of the time Knoxville and Dyersburg have the same weather/temperature on a daily basis. On March 2nd, I received a winter weather advisory on my iPhone for Dyersburg. Not thinking much about it, I called my mom to see if it was a normal Dyersburg freak out for simple snow flurries (we get out of school for 1/4 of an inch of snow that will melt by 10a.m.). She answers with "OMG Anna Claire it's like armageddon in Kroger!" The following morning, Dyersburg had received 4-5 inches of sleet and about 2 inches of snow on top of that. AND while all of this was going on in my hometown, I was in sunny and 65 degree Knoxville. My brother had no school for a whole week, and the only way my family could get down our steep driveway was to basically sled down...

The drastic change in temperature, surprise blizzards and 65mph winds...this is the forecast in Knoxvegas for the next several hours. Granted I love living in Knoxville and the state of Tennessee but if you asked my sinuses, I need to live in the Caribbean where it's 80ish degrees all year long!


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