Saturday, March 1, 2014

Orange is the Happiest Color

The best seat in the house.
The alarm going off at 7am, putting on some sturdy walking shoes, packing my purse like an overnight bag, a double shot valium espresso latte...this is my typical Saturday morning with good ole Tennessee football. Although it seems miserable and you're probably asking "why on earth would you do that," I can say, without a doubt, that I absolutely love it! I know at the beginning of every work day, I'm going to meet lots of new people, learn something new in the football world and get to be surrounded by my favorite shade of orange (yes, UT orange is specific).

For as long as I can remember, people have told me that if you do not love what you're doing then that's you're on prerogative. My happy place, even in high school, is being around football. Being my high school's mascot, I gave my all every Friday night to get the stands cheering as loud of they could for our guys. Although I have never played a down besides in flag football, I have always felt a special love for the game and the business of it as if I had played it since I was young. I always checked to make sure the coaches had everything they needed, the players were kept cool on the sidelines (fanned them myself with my "louder" sign), and the crowd was entertained in between plays.

So since joining the Vol football force, I have felt "home sweet home." My main focuses are to make sure our players, coaches, guests and other staff have everything they need to help their day go smoother. The difference from high school, I get to help recruit/raise new Volunteers from their sopohomore year of high school up until their first steps in full pads. Although I am a proud big sister of one little brother realistically, I consider myself to have almost 20 other little brothers running around in the big orange.

I feel as if it takes some people years to figure out which career path makes them truly happy. I can say that I have been blessed to have found that love while being in college, the love of working for athletics. Whether the road takes me to another college, a professional team, a different sport or even a different sector of the athletic industry, I have found my passion in Volunteer football...and that orange looks great on me!

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