Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hump Day Hunger

I'll admit it, I LOVE FOOD. My favorite television channel is the Food Network, I asked for a KitchenAid mixer this past Christmas, and the only food that will not enter my mouth is peppers. Whether I am the prepaper or the eater, I have always had a love of being in the kitchen and creating something delicious (and more importantly, fattening). I have cooked full meals for my family, created desserts for various occasions, surprised my boyfriend with a homeade supper, and even asked the chef at my favorite restuarant in Cape Town, South Africa, how to make malva pudding (a buttery laden cake). Luckily for my obsession with edibles, I do not have to stick my nose into dozens of cook books or watch hours of the Food Networks looking for recipes. One of my many overflowing boards on Pinterest is of course full of recipes that are just a search bar [enter] away.

Here are 7 of my favorites foods recipes that I have either made or still want to make:

[Just simply click on the picture to be transported to the recipe]

Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies (I am a Red Velt connoisseur)
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Shrimp Etouffee (Paula Deen y'all)

Skinny Chicken Salad

Cream Cheese Bacon Bites

Paula Deen's Shrimp & Grits

Old Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie

I wish you all good food & best dishes.

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